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When is the best time to sell?

The age-old question we get asked at every meeting with an owner. There are pros and cons to every time of year but here are a few quick tips to get you started:
Summer or Winter?

Everyone believes their home looks better in Summer, and it’s often true. But the amount of competition (from other homes for sale) can be much higher during the warmer months. If you put your property on the market in June you can benefit from a real shortage of supply. Plus, there will be loads of cashed-up buyers out there who sold their homes in March and now need somewhere to go!

Should we avoid the School holidays?
This shouldn’t have too much of an effect, except you may see fewer mid-week viewings as Mums & Dads are too busy keeping the kids occupied to go and look at properties. That said, motivated buyers will move heaven and earth to see a house they are interested in and to ensure they don’t miss out on ’the one’.

What about the election? (Sept 23rd)
We often find the real estate market can experience a bit of a pause leading up to the big day so I would recommend listing your home much earlier (eg. July or early August) or have it all ready to launch just after the votes are in.

Ideally, it’s good to have a few weeks of prep time to design a marketing plan, arrange professional photos (on a good day) and complete last minute touch-ups. So, contact me well in advance if you are thinking of making a move. Do it once, do it right!

EvansAdminWhen is the best time to sell?