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PRESS RELEASE – Harcourts’ Ilse Evans There To Help With the Selling Process

2019 is shaping up to be an interesting one for the real estate industry, with anti-money laundering laws, landlord requirements and talks of capital gains tax. The reality is people still need to buy first homes, move towns, sell matrimonial homes on divorce, sell investments or sell family homes post a family loss.

New Zealand has had Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing Terrorism laws operating since 2013. These laws applied to banks, casinos, financial institutions, and some trust and company service providers. These laws are now being extended to include real estate agents from the 1st of January this year. All businesses and service providers covered under the AML/CFT Act (including those from the first phase) will now have reporting requirements that relate to particular transactions as well as suspicious activities.

Similarly, landlord requirements are being ramped up in the form of compulsory insulation in all rental homes from 1 July 2019. Ceiling and underfloor insulation must be installed, where it is reasonably practicable, by 1 July 2019. It must meet the standards set out in the regulations and be installed safely.

Capital gains from the sale of baches and holiday homes could be taxed in the future, and the Government could raise billions of dollars by taxing more profits from the sale of property and shares. Its Tax Working Group explained how such a tax could work in an interim report published last week, but stopped short of making a recommendation.

All of these possible changes will mean that you will be well served by an established and professional agent such as Harcourts’ Ilse Evans. Ilse is there to make the process of buying or selling your house painless, professional and price maximizing, as is obvious from the following testimonial.

“Over the four years we lived at 88 Francis Street, Ilse Evans continually kept in touch with us with local market updates and recent sales evidence and showed that she has the best knowledge and expertise of the Hauraki and Takapuna areas. For us, this also showed that Ilse is a hard working agent who uses the power of a good database to ensure she has contact with a wide selection of both vendors and buyers in our market.

Ilse provided us with excellent pre-campaign advice regarding both marketing and house presentation, and during the campaign we know Ilse did an outstanding job of both attracting buyers and servicing their needs and queries. This ensured we achieved the best campaign process and an excellent outcome.
We would strongly recommend that Ilse is the best-placed agent in our area, and can only say good things about our experience with Ilse.”
Paul & Claire Steele, 88 Francis Street.

So, for more information on Harcourts Takapuna, real estate agents Takapuna and real estate agents Belmont please go to .

2018 Australasian Auctioneering Championships Final

And the winner is… ANDREW NORTH!! 🏆🏆🏆

Andrew beat 16 other competitors to take out the top gavel in the 20th edition of the Australasian Auctioneering Championships.

Andrew brings the trophy back home to New Zealand after the cup being in Australia for the past three years. 

Congratulations Northy, we are so proud of you and so proud to have you apart of our Harcourts Cooper & Co Team.

Property Search on Surges in July to Match Summertime Values, one of New Zealand’s most popular online property search destination, recently announced a surprising rise in property interest in July, so much so that they matched interest levels that are usually only seen in summer.

Vanessa Taylor, Head of Marketing and spokesperson of, said: “Typically, interest in property peaks in the first quarter of the year and then gently declines as we head into winter, before lifting again as we head back into spring.

June is usually more active than July, as measured by unique users. To see this jump in July is unusual, particularly when it registers numbers equivalent to summertime browsing.”

Taylor says that while it doesn’t mean an increase in sales, a 9 per cent increase in unique browse visits on the website indicates that: “Kiwis are still engaged in the housing market.”

While interest was lively, there were fewer homes to consider, as total sales fell 3.8 per cent nationwide compared to last year. New listings are also down 5.4 per cent nationwide compared to July of 2017. Meanwhile, asking prices saw a marginal increase of 0.9 per cent from June to July.

The unusual peak in interest for property, coupled with a considerable decline in competition, does mean good news for property sellers.

Ilse Evans, top agent for Harcourts Takapuna Office, backs the’s numbers: “I am experiencing a lift in buyer interest at the coal face, supporting this find.”

A top seller in the North Shore property market with the experience, expertise and happy clients to back her numerous accolades, Ilse Evans is the agent of choice for selling your Takapuna property during these unique conditions.

For more information on her work, listings, testimonials, and more, visit the Ilse Evans real estate website today at

Lawyers Now Required to Verify Property Clients’ Proof of Identity

From the 1st of July, lawyers and property conveyancers are now required by law to verify the identity of their clients. This new “Customer Due Diligence” process is in accordance with the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act 2009.

Home buyers and sellers will now need to provide proof of identities for lawyers and conveyancers to be able to act for them. Many lawyers will not agree to act for someone who has not been able to complete the identity verification process.

The Real Estate Institute of New Zealand reports that this can take days and sometimes weeks, particularly if a trust or company is involved. It is therefore strongly recommended that buyers and sellers contact their lawyers to complete the identity verification process.

For individuals looking to buy or sell their homes, the following certified documents will be required: passport, NZ Firearms License, or NZ Driver License. You will also need to provide a bank statement or a statement issued by a government agency, as well as a document with your residential address. There may also be specific requirements depending on your situation.

If client identity cannot be verified, lawyers cannot act for the client, which means conditional periods can lapse, property settlements can be delayed, and, worse comes to worst, deals can fall over. It is therefore very important that property purchases or vendors settle the identity verification process as quickly as they can.

Ilse Evans, leading Harcourts Takapuna agent, will be putting up fliers in her open homes. For detailed information on identity verification requirements and more, contact Ilse Evans today at 021 909 313 or visit her website at

When is the best time to sell?

The age-old question we get asked at every meeting with an owner. There are pros and cons to every time of year but here are a few quick tips to get you started:
Summer or Winter?

Everyone believes their home looks better in Summer, and it’s often true. But the amount of competition (from other homes for sale) can be much higher during the warmer months. If you put your property on the market in June you can benefit from a real shortage of supply. Plus, there will be loads of cashed-up buyers out there who sold their homes in March and now need somewhere to go!

Should we avoid the School holidays?
This shouldn’t have too much of an effect, except you may see fewer mid-week viewings as Mums & Dads are too busy keeping the kids occupied to go and look at properties. That said, motivated buyers will move heaven and earth to see a house they are interested in and to ensure they don’t miss out on ’the one’.

What about the election? (Sept 23rd)
We often find the real estate market can experience a bit of a pause leading up to the big day so I would recommend listing your home much earlier (eg. July or early August) or have it all ready to launch just after the votes are in.

Ideally, it’s good to have a few weeks of prep time to design a marketing plan, arrange professional photos (on a good day) and complete last minute touch-ups. So, contact me well in advance if you are thinking of making a move. Do it once, do it right!

Thursday 3rd May 2018

2018 Harcourts Northern Region Awards Breakfast

I was awarded ‘#18 Northern Region 2017 – 2018’ at the Harcourts awards breakfast held on the 3rd May.

Friday 20th April 2018

2018 Harcourts Cooper & Co Awards Lunch

After a busy year, I was thrilled to receive at the Cooper & Co Annual Awards 2018

  • No 1 Agent Harcourts Cooper & Co Takapuna Office
  • No 2 Individual Agent Harcourts Cooper & Co
  • No 11 Agent Harcourts Cooper & Co

Thursday 8th September 2016

This was a fun sponsorship that I unfortunately missed out on while on holiday!!

Hauraki School Bogan Bingo night. They raised over $8,500! Good stuff girls!!

Friday 19th August, 2016

Phew, what a week! My 4 Hauraki listings sold at auction in 2 days! In order they are: 66 Jutland Rd, 11A Pine Ridge Tce, 21 Sydney Street, 1A Walter Street. Now for a well deserved holiday

POSTED ON: March 21st, 2016 by Ilse Evans

LakeTown Green Community / Council Initiative

After 5 months of discussions and planning with Council, on 19th March 2016 I organised a team of volunteers to begin the project of upgrading the fence of our lovely LakeTown Green. With a bit more work by Council and the volunteers we should have a lovely new picket fence with a mowing strip.  Watch out for the notices on the gates when you can be of help! Or call Ilse on 021 909 313.

POSTED ON: November 19th, 2015 by Ilse Evans

Hauraki School Fair 2015

An outstanding profit for the Hauraki fair. $100,000! Harcourts loves to be part of this event and this community…and so do I!!

POSTED ON: October 27th, 2015 by Ilse Evans

That famously wealthy investor Warren Buffett often quotes “Mr Market”. Who is this person? It’s really just a simple metaphor to explain market fluctuations. Often the sole reason for the change in price is Mr. Market’s emotions. A rational person will sell if the price is high and buy if the price is low. He would not sell because the price has gone down or buy because the price has gone up. While the erstwhile Mr Buffett is talking about the stock market, the same principal applies to property. However, as with the stock market, the property market often does not behave rationally.

So how do we work out when is the best time to buy or sell? Here are some simple facts from REINZ. In September 2015 8174 dwellings were sold. This is a 38.3% increase over September 2014 and 5.3% higher than August 2015. Spring is traditionally a strong listing market. However, this year while sales are strong new listings are still not keeping pace with those sales which means that the market is stable and prices are not likely to drop in the mid term. So if you are wanting to make a decision but feel uncertain about timing give me a call and we can discuss your immediate and future needs.

POSTED ON: October 1st, 2015 by Ilse Evans

Today, the Land Transfer Amendment Act 2015 and the Tax Administration Amendment Act 2015 come into force. From today if you are selling or buying a property you will be required to complete a Tax Statement with your solicitor or conveyancer to enable settlement to proceed. In some circumstances you may be required to provide further information in your Tax Statement, e.g. NZ IRD Number and NZ Bank Account.

POSTED ON: August 10th, 2015 by Ilse Evans

Winners of the Hauraki Primary School Poetry Competition

I love to be involved with the Poetry Competition as the sponsor. At the prize giving it was a pleasure to congratulate the winners and to see the pleasure the children got from writing their poems and entering into the competition.
“Thanks so much to you and Geraldine for coming out to our school to award the fantastic prizes for the poetry competition. The children have been buzzing with excitement all day.”

Poetry Prizegiving 2016 - 3 winners

POSTED ON: July 21st, 2015 by Ilse Evans

NZ Top Auctioneer Again!

Harcourts New Zealand’s commitment to the training, mentoring and employment of auctioneers paid dividends in July with Andrew North named as National Champion at the REINZ National Auctioneering Championships for 2015. Andrew, from Harcourts Cooper & Co Ltd on the North Shore, has been an auctioneer for 13 years. He won the title after a tough two days of competition against the 25 top real estate auctioneers in the country. Andrew is also the current Australasian Auctioneer of the Year and will now go on to defend his title in Melbourne later in the year.

Another Harcourts auctioneer, Sam Walmsley, also of Harcourts Cooper & Co, was named the 2015 Rising Star at the awards. Harcourts commitment to training and mentoring the country’s top auctioneers was demonstrated not only by the double win, but by the fact that 13 of the 25 competitors at this week’s REINZ National Auctioneering Championship were from Harcourts. Two of the four finalists in the Senior competition, Andrew North and Aaron Davis of Blue Fern Realty, were Harcourts auctioneers. In the Rising Stars competition, four of the 12 entrants were from the Harcourts NZ team.

POSTED ON: April 20th, 2015 by Ilse Evans

A sudden change in temperatures this past week sent many of us looking for the winter jackets… but it has shown no signs of cooling the Auckland Real Estate market which is going from strength to strength.  So many indicators are suggesting now is a great time to act!

Harcourts Cooper & Co were thrilled to be a major sponsor of 2014 NZ Sculpture OnShore – and this week our Managing Director, Martin Cooper presented a cheque for $180,000 to Womens Refuge NZ for funds raised from this wonderful event.

Other HOT news… our Harcourts NAI Commercial team concluded a sale on the ex-Takapuna Fire Station this week… this substantial land holding generated huge interest from a wide range of buyers and was purchased by a New Zealand business.

It’s exciting times in the current real estate market with great conditions for buyers and vendors alike.

POSTED ON: November 24th, 2014 by Ilse Evans

Latest statistics show traffic to the Harcourts website was up by 9% in October 2014, reaching 2.7 million page views. We remain the most viewed website of all the real estate groups. continues to get fantastic results via Nielsen Online Ratings for top real estate brands online within New Zealand.  For the three month period July to September 2014 Harcourts’ website had more unique visits than any other real estate group proving we have the highest percentage of people shopping for real estate online! Where else would you want to advertise your property?

POSTED ON: October 13th, 2014 by Ilse Evans

Sold-photo-sizedA very successful auction was held on Sunday 10th October at 56 Jutland Road. The sun (almost) managed to shine and with over 200 people present there was a great atmosphere! An excellent price of $935,00 was achieved.

POSTED ON: July 28th, 2014 by Ilse Evans

For the 2nd year in a row Harcourts has been voted by Reader’s Digest as New Zealand’s most trusted real estate brand! It is the second time the real estate category has been voted on, and for the second year Harcourts has come out on top.

Hayden Duncan, our CEO says New Zealanders trust Harcourts as an iconic Kiwi brand, founded 126 years ago in Wellington and still proudly NZ owned. Interesting statistic – 94% of New Zealanders say trust equals peace of mind – this is particularly true in real estate.

POSTED ON: October 31st, 2014 by Ilse Evans

My favourite auctioneer Andrew North, after many times being a close runner-up in the Australasian Auction Championships, has finally nailed it. Last week he beat off tough opposition to become Number 1!! In Andrew’s words – “the monkey is finally off my back!”

Congratulations on an amazing achievement Andrew.